They’re coming out with the new drug since Protopic.

Due to the coronavirus, I rarely leave the house these days, and I’ve become very lacking in exercise.

I’m in an environment where I can work from home, so I don’t have to worry about that, but if this continues for a long time, I’m worried that it will affect my health in many ways.

By the way, I went to the dermatologist, but I don’t know if the huang ren detoxification water is working or not, but the itching of the body has been alleviated considerably.

The coarseness of my face is lessening, but I still feel itchy in some areas. In that case, I use pediatric protopic, but inevitably it has the side effect of getting hot and itchy.

I told my doctor about it, and he said that it was about time a new drug was coming out, the first one since Protopic.

I looked into it, but it seems to be a drug called delococcitinib and can be applied to the face.

It is being developed by Japan Tobacco Inc. and I don’t understand the details, but it seems to have a different mechanism of action than protopic. (JAK inhibitor?)

There were several articles that were summarized.

Mechanism of action of Correctim ointment (delgocitinib)

I’m hoping for more from this medicine, but I’m going to keep it moisturized.

As for moisturizing, the last time I used Hilroyd I didn’t get much relief or itching, but now I don’t have much. The timing may depend on the skin’s condition, or the ingredients of the same medicine may look the same but differ slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer, so this may have an effect.